Stay Eco-Friendly with a Certified Pre-Owned Hot Tub

When you choose a CERTIFIED PRE-OWNED HOT TUB from Colorado Spring Hot Tub Sales and Service you're not investing in another person's  neglected hot tub. You're investing in a tub that we (CSHT), with the benefit of 47 years total experience, have hand picked from scores of tubs. CSHT picks tubs from only manufacturers that meet our energy efficiency standards and high quality of original manufacturing. We also consider the financial health of a manufacturer and how available the parts for the refurbished tub will be in the future.

When we get our hands on these tubs we make sure every part is tested, every flaw corrected, and every feature to original condition. We will insulate and reinsulate to make sure each tub uses an absolute minimum of energy. In most cases, we will install a new cover measured to fit the tub like a glove, insuring energy efficiency. CSHT will offer only top rated energy efficient tubs so you can relax. Don`t take a chance adding stress by taking someone else's unwanted tub with unknown repairs needed and unknown energy costs posted on some message board. CSHT tubs are a bargain with free peace of mind!!

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