FreeFlow Hot Tubs
Starting at $2,995, Freeflow Spas all include shipping, ozone, as well as steps. Plug into any 110V outlet. Hot Tubs can be moved anywhere easily Affordable Luxury Spas. Each Freeflow Hot Tub is made with a rotational molding which is more efficient and durable than any of our other acrylic tubs.In the rotational molding process there is no need for an internal support frame; the hot tub shell becomes one piece. The lightweight material makes these affordable Luxury spas are portable and can easily be drained, filled with a garden hose, and transported to any location without a custom installation. We use a plug-and-play technology which means you just need to plug the Hot Tub into any 110v outlet. Each Hot Tub starts at $2,669*! *Prices are subject to change

This model includes our exclusive ozonator. 

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