Arctic Spas hot tub manufacturing company was founded in 1994 by a group of guys who were all from rural Canadian farms. Their product line includes hot tubs, swim spas, gazebos, and grillhouses. Their hot tub models include the Arctic, and the Coyote, both of which we normally carry (however, as with all of our products, we cannot guarantee that someone else won’t buy it before you do).

Visit Colorado Springs Hot Tubs for arctic spasThe story behind this hot tub manufacturer is that they designed their hot tubs specifically for the cold climates in Canada, where the owners are from. The idea is that you could start these hot tubs up – outside – in freezing temperatures – and get in, and enjoy yourself!

As a result of the extreme temperatures that these hot tubs were designed to be in they are a high quality product, and tend to last a very long time in comparison to other brands. Visit our inventory today to find a professionally refurbished Arctic Spa hot tub today!