Keep Your Tub’s Water Sparkling Clear With the Natural Power of Ozone Oxidation

Soaking in gloriously clean, clear, hot water is a beautiful experience. But if you’ve ever opened the cover on a tub in which the water has gone off—well, that’s a whole different kind of experience!

Keeping hot tub water sparkling clear has been a challenge for hot tub owners for years. And a lot of hot tub owners have a serious chemical dependency problem! They’re constantly measuring out just the right quantities of harsh chemicals to pour into their tubs.

Nature has a better way.  An Ozonator® can eliminate unwanted bacteria and other elements that cause hot tub water to become cloudy and give off unpleasant odors without using all of the harsh chemicals. DEL Ozone systems are the newest and most effiecient Ozone technology. They are rated for up to 1000 gallon tubs, and last up to 7 years without having to be replaced. 

That’s why we use DEL Ozone systems to manufacture and deliver ozone in exactly the right quantities to provide the needed disinfection power. With it, you don’t have to rely on harsh chemicals to clear up your water (those same chemicals that can cause itching and irritation after a soak in the tub). And with an Ozonator, you won’t have to constantly monitor your tub’s water. Once it’s installed it simply works—making tub maintenance a breeze. Your tub will look better, and you’ll feel better when you get out of the tub! How exactly does an Ozonator work?

Unlike chemical based hot tubs, you only use DiChlore as a tool after each use of hot tub, instead of having to monitor and put in different chemicals each week. Only about 1 tespoon is required, and within 5-7 hours, the Ozontaor quickly breaks it down completely, so that nothing is left when you use the hot tub again. This means no having to sit in irritating chlorine. 

If you already have a tub, think about replacing your chemical regiment with an Ozone system! About 95% of hot tubs could have the Ozonator installed for only $289!

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