7 Fun Hot Tub Games

fun hot tub games - games to play in the hot tub

7 Fun Hot Tub Games

When you purchase a spa, your first thought is probably to relax and unwind in it. Apart from relaxation, time spent with family and friends can provide a sense of togetherness, which is something so hard to find these days in our busy daily lives. Here are 7 fun hot tub games that are easy-to-play and will make spa-time more enjoyable for you and your family.

1)  Musical Jets

Essentials: A hot tub with jets, and a way to play/stop music

Rules: This music-themed hot tub game is like musical chairs, but with the added twist of using your hot tub. You can begin by turning off some of the jets in your spa. Have someone play a song, while everyone in the spa moves around in a clockwise motion. Just like musical chairs, when that person stops the music, everyone must stop where they’re at.

Musical jets differ from musical chairs in that you are not trying to find a chair, but rather to sit in front of a jet. While everyone is still playing the game, you won’t be able to continue if you freeze without the jet blowing against you. The person who loses after each song stops, should remove themselves from the hot tub until the game is over and there is one person left remaining as the winner.

2) Pass the Bottle

Essentials: A hard plastic bottle filled with water that is capped/sealed

Rules: In this game, you must pass the bottle around the hot tub without touching it. Body parts such as your neck, armpits, elbows, and knees can be used. Meaning no hands, feet, arms, or legs can be used.

In this instance, whoever drops the bottle is out and the game must be restarted. The last person standing that did not drop the water bottle is the winner. If you don’t have a plastic water bottle handy, then you can substitute a tennis ball or piece of fruit like a grapefruit or an orange.

3) Hot Tub Hockey

Essentials: A ping pong ball or another floating object

Rules: Hot tub hockey uses a ping pong ball or another float-able object to try to reach your opponent. Start by inserting the ping pong ball in the middle of the tub, between you (your team) and the other team.

Your team earns one point each time it manages to reach the opposing team’s wall. It’s okay to splash, and it can keep the competition fun! You can play whereas the first team to 3 points wins or the team with the most total points win.

4) Floating Board Games

Essentials: A floating board game and waterproof game pieces

Rules: Traditional Chess/Checkers as well as Backgammon can be played on the reversible game board. The set includes all game pieces, two dice, and the doubling cube. The same normal rules can be applied to these board games as usual.

5) Waterproof Playing Cards

Essentials: Waterproof playing cards, floating board or plastic frisbee

Rules: Make spa night more interesting with waterproof playing cards or waterproof UNO called “UNO Splash”.

You can play gin rummy, go fish, poker, WAR, and many other card games using a floating game board or simply turn over a frisbee and use that.

6) The Floating Four Across Pool Game

Essentials: The Floating Four Across Pool Game

Rules: Think Connect Four, but better. This new variation on the classic board game will provide soakers with an opportunity to play outside in warm or cold weather.

Additionally, the oversized version of the board game floats allowing players of all ages to play it in the tub. In this game, players must try their hand at lining up four checker pieces either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. The first one to successfully line-up four same color checker pieces wins.

7) Hot Tub Pong

Essentials: Plastic cups, ping pong balls, a pool pong float (optional) & a beverage of your choice

Rules: Begin by placing cups in either a pool pong float, or along the hot tub’s edge, using a wall or hot tub cover as a kind of backboard.

Though it originated as an adult game due to it’s beer pong roots, kids can easily play it too (just remove the alcohol). Cups should be filled 25% with the beverage of choice, and then placed at one end while players stand at the other. Each player then takes turns shooting three balls a piece, trying to make each ball into one of the opposing player’s cups. If a ball does go into your cup, then it’s your turn to drink. If the shooter doesn’t make any balls in any cups, it’s their turn to drink.  The winner will be the first person or team to sink a ping pong ball into all the opposing players’ cups.

In the end, a home spa becomes a place where you can relax, unwind, and reengage. Whether you want to relax together after a hectic day, catch up on what’s going on in your life, or even have a few spirited hot tub games, soak up the fun with your friends and family today!