Swim Spas: A Great Way to Get Your Kids Active

Have you ever struggled to find a way to keep your kids active and engaged? In today’s digital age, many parents find it challenging to pull their children away from screens and ensure they’re getting enough physical activity. Enter the swim spa: a versatile solution that not only offers fun but also promotes physical and mental health. What is a Swim Spa? A swim spa is a hybrid between a swimming pool and a hot tub. It provides a space for both relaxation and exercise. Unlike traditional swimming pools, swim spas generate a current, allowing users to swim against it, almost like having an endless pool in your backyard. This feature ensures a full-body workout in a compact space. Benefits of Swim Spas Swim spas offer a low-impact exercise suitable for all ages. The resistance from the water strengthens muscles, increases cardiovascular endurance, and enhances flexibility. Plus, the buoyancy of

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2022 Gift Guide for Hot Tub Owners

Is Your Hot Tub Ready For Winter In Colorado Springs?

Winters in Colorado Springs are no joke. They come with their charming white blankets and snowy landscapes, but also bring challenges when you own a hot tub. One of the critical tasks homeowners face is ensuring that their hot tubs are ready for these icy months. But why’s that so essential? And how do you make sure your hot tub remains a cozy retreat even in the coldest weather? Understanding Colorado Springs Winters Colorado Springs isn’t just about picturesque mountain views; it’s also known for its chilly winters. With temperatures that can plummet and heavy snowfall, it’s crucial for hot tub owners to be prepared. Not winterizing your hot tub in such a climate? That’s akin to going skiing without your winter gear! Benefits of Winterizing Your Hot Tub Imagine you’re diving into your tub on a frosty evening, expecting warm comfort, but finding it malfunctioning. Disappointing, right? Winterizing helps

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swim spa at night

Swim Anytime in Colorado Springs: Unleashing the Power of Swim Spas

Are you thinking about how to bring the summer fun of going for a swim into year-round enjoyment? It’s now possible when you add an indoor pool—or better yet, an indoor “swim spa”—to your home in Colorado Springs. With a swim spa, you can enjoy the convenience and infinite possibilities of having warm water fun right in your backyard any time. Whether it’s prized family members or cherished friends coming over, an indoor pool or swim spa provides endless hours of relaxation and entertainment. Learn more about how this energy efficient and space saving solution will make every day at home special! Introducing Indoor Swim Spas – The Perfect Way to Swim in Colorado Springs Year-Round Colorado Springs is a beautiful city with plenty to do in any season. However, not all activities are suitable for every climate. That’s why indoor swim spas are the perfect solution for those who

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creating the ultimate backyard escape

How to Maintain Your Hot Tub in Colorado Springs

Do you want to be able to fully enjoy your hot tub this fall while in Colorado Springs? With proper maintenance and care, you can ensure maximum efficiency and extend the lifespan of your hot tub. Many homeowners may not realize how important regular maintenance is for their hot tub – after all, it’s just a few inches of water! But the truth is that with the frequent changes in temperatures year-round, combined with varying levels of chemistry needed to keep the water clean, proper maintenance is key for any kind of hot tub located in Colorado Springs. In this blog post we will discuss everything from cleaning tips to chemical balance needs so you can get back to enjoying your hot tub without worry or hassle. Understand the basics of hot tub maintenance in Colorado Springs Hot tubs are a great way to relax and unwind after a long

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exercising in a swim spa

Swim Spas: Getting Fit & Staying Fit

For busy homeowners, finding an effective and affordable way to stay fit can be a real challenge. Working out at the gym requires time away from family duties that you may not have; it also requires consistent dedication, or else the price of a membership is wasted. That’s why swim spas are becoming one of the most cost-effective ways for families looking to exercise to get in shape without sacrificing their valuable time. With a variety of features and options, these customized aquatic workout spaces give users control over their fitness routine while still providing all the benefits of swimming with resistance settings tailored specifically for each individual user. Read on to learn more about how swim spas provide convenience, affordability, and results! Overview of swim spas and their benefits Swim spas are the perfect solution for fitness enthusiasts who crave the convenience of a backyard pool without the maintenance

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where to put my hot tub

How to Care for Your Hot Tub Like a Pro In Colorado Springs

Do you love having a hot tub in your Colorado Springs backyard? With proper care and maintenance, you can enjoy a crystal clear spa every time. Whether it’s for relaxing or entertaining, knowing how to take care of your hot tub is essential for its longevity. Today, we’ll cover everything you need to know on how to keep your hot tub sparkling like new. From the basics of water chemistry to what type of filter system is best for your home—we’ve got all the tips and tricks so that you can become an expert at caring for your own hot tub! Clean and fill your hot tub regularly to maintain cleanliness and a healthy water level There’s nothing quite like sinking into a hot tub after a long day and feeling the jets massage your muscles. But in order to continue enjoying that luxurious experience, it’s important to maintain a

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swimlife swim spa with pergola

Swim Spas: A Cost-Effective Way to Stay Fit In Colorado Springs

Are you looking for a way to stay fit in Colorado Springs without having to step foot in the gym? It’s time to take your fitness into your own hands and invest in a swim spa! Whether you are looking for big changes or just subtle improvements, investing in a swim spa may be the perfect choice for health-conscious people like yourself. With minimal maintenance, an adjustable temperature and customizable features, not only will it provide you with the workout of a lifetime but it can also save you money compared to traditional pool options. Read on to find out how investing in a swim spa can help give you an effective way to stay active and healthy all year round. Overview of Swim Spas and their Benefits Swim spas, a hybrid of a swimming pool and a hot tub, have been gaining popularity in recent years due to their

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using the hot tub every day

5 Reasons Why You Need a Hot Tub (Even If You Don’t Think You Do)

Do you ever come home after a long day and just want to treat yourself with a luxurious way to relax? Hot tubs can offer so much more than just relaxation – it can even be an essential part of your health plan! From physical and mental benefits, opportunities for socializing, creating outdoor ambiance, environmental conscious water care solutions – there are countless reasons why investing in a hot tub is worth considering. While each homeowner’s situation will be different, here are five common reasons why adding a hot tub could benefit anyone looking to up the ante on their self-care routine. Hot Tubs Can Relieve Stress and Tension After a long day of hiking the mountains or exploring the city, there’s no better way to unwind than soaking in a hot tub. Colorado Springs locals know this all too well, as hot tubs have become a popular stress-reliever among

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top 10 health benefits of a sauna

The Top 10 Health Benefits of a Sauna

Read about the top 10 health benefits of a sauna. Are you looking for ways to improve your health and well-being? If so, a sauna may be a perfect choice. It has been used by many cultures for centuries for its beneficial effects on health, mental clarity, and relaxation.  As an effective way to improve physical well-being, using a sauna has become increasingly popular among customers who recognize the multiple rewards and health benefits of a sauna. In this blog post, we’ll discuss 10 of the most impressive health benefits of a sauna. Whether you are an experienced sauna user or new to the practice, this is one wellness activity that shouldn’t be overlooked! 1. Improved cardiovascular health Sitting in a sauna increases your heart rate and blood circulation, which can help improve cardiovascular health. A study published in the Journal of Human Hypertension found that regular sauna use helps

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