Pure Cube Orion Sauna


The Pure Cube Orion Sauna truly is a bathing experience like never before in a Leisurecraft Sauna, with the 180 degree view through the bronze tempered glass units you can have a sauna session and still feel like you are sitting on your dock or deck. This easy to assembly kit comes with insulated walls, roof and floor and black metal siding on the outside. Optional side wall benches and sauna accessories this model is only available with floor standing electric heaters.


180 Degree Glass

Tempered Bronze Glass insulated windows with a wide view.

Black Metal

Powder coated matte black board and batton siding.

Modular Assembly

Easy to assemble in 8 hours or less with 3 people.

Glass Door

Tempered 8mm Full Glass Door with stainless hinges.

Glass Panel Rigger

Kit includes customized riggers to safely install window.

Cedar Benches

Clear western red cedar 2 tier benches,


Side Wall Benches

Optional single teir benches on side walls.

Insulated Floor, Walls & Roof

Insulate the walls, floor and roof to get an R value of 12.



Comfort and Elite Backrests made with red cedar.

Sand Timer

Bottle Shelf

Sauna Light

Light Shade

Cleaner & Essence

Spray on sauna cleaner to wipe down walls and benches,

Bucket & Ladle

4 Litre wooden sauna bucket with plastic liner.


Red Cedar sauna thermometer


Huum Hive Heater

Floor model electric heater with optional Wi-Fi Controls.


Floor standing with 200lbs of rocks.