Pure Cube Outdoor CU670P


The Pure Cube CU672P Outdoor Sauna offers the same interior and heater options as the CU670 model but now with an elegant front porch area. This stunning design has a full glass door in the middle of the front wall with various panel options you can enjoy the freedom of the outside all within this spacious model. With the full 2 Tier L Benches this model is our largest Pure Cube Sauna yet!


Full Glass Door

10mm bronze tempered full glass door.


Heavy duty EPDM rubber roofing.

L Shape 2 Tier Benches

Clear red cedar benches with enclosed bench skirts.

Front Porch

Covered front porch with cedar floor.



Optional Semi Privacy Window Panels


Comfort Backrest

Use for laying down or sitting up.

Electric Light

Can be installed inside or outside the sauna.

Light Shade

Create ambient lighting effect with this shade.

Sand Timer

Wall mounted and easy to use.


Wall mounted bottle shelf.


Sauna Essence to mix with the water.

Bucket & Ladle

4 Litre Sauna bucket.


Cedar thermometer in Fahrenheit and Celsius.

Elite Back Rest

Extra comfort for sitting up with this wooden backrest.


Huum Hive Heater

Floor model electric heater with optional Wi-Fi Controls.

Huum Drop Heater

Wall mounted electric heater with optional Wi-Fi Controls.

Electric Heater

8kw electric heater with wooden guard fence.

Wood Burning Heater

Wood burning heater with stainless steel chimney and glass door.