The Arctic Plunge Tub


Experience cold plunge therapy with The Arctic Cold Plunge Tub, the white plastic shell is cut and welded with HDPE plastic and comes with a cedar skirt held in place by the stainless steel bands. Fill this tub with cold water or buy the optional chiller unit which has a built in ozone filter for ease of mind cold tub therapy the Arctic Cold Plunge Tub comes completely assembled and ready to use!


Western Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar in clear or knotty grade,

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel bands to support the cedar skirting around the tub.

Plastic Liner

White HPDE plastic liner with inside steps.

Floor Drain

Easy to access floor drain with garden hose connection.


Cold Plunge Chiller

Easy to set up 110volt cold plunge chiller and heater.


Solid Red Cedar wood cover with handles.


3 Tier red cedar steps for easy assess in and out of the cold tub.



Monitor the temperature of your with this floating thermometer.


Keep the water clean from debris with this pool skimmer.