The Baltic Cold Plunge Tub


The Baltic Cold Plunge therapy tub can be used with our electric chiller unit or you can keep the water cold by adding ice into the water as needed. This Canadian made cold therapy barrel completes the saunas in our Canadian Timber Collection made with Eastern White Cedar and is shipped assembled and ready to use. The tub is made with a plastic HDPE liner and stainless steel bands on the outside, upgrade the cold tub with our optional accessories.


White Cedar

Locally Harvested eastern white cedar.

Easy to Drain

Easy to drain with garden hose connection on outside.

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Bands

Plastic Liner

HDPE White plastic liner with inside step for easy access.


Cold Plunge Chiller

Easy to set up 110volt cold plunge chiller and heater.


Solid Red Cedar wood cover with handles.


3 Tier red cedar steps for easy assess in and out of the cold tub.



Monitor the temperature of your with this floating thermometer.


Keep the water clean from debris with this pool skimmer.