The Glacier Cold Plunge Tub


The Glacier Cold Plunge Tub is the first in its class, your quality solution for cold plunge therapy with or without a sauna. The optional roll up cover will keep your water clean when not in use and an easy to use drain that will connect to any garden hose is included with all cold plunge tubs.


Easy to Drain

Easy to use drain so you can re-use the water with the garden hose attachment

304 Stainless Steel

Made in Canada welded stainless steel shell for a long last cold plunge tub.

Western Red Cedar

Western red cedar outside shell to accent your sauna or deck.

Easy to Move

Conveniently move this tub with 2 people.


Roll up Cover

Easy to operate roll up cover to keep the water cold and clean until next use!

Cold Plunge Chiller

110volt Wifi controlled heater and chiller option coming soon!



Monitor the temperature of your with this floating thermometer.


Keep the water clean from debris with this pool skimmer.