The Polar Plunge Tub


Boost your energy and elevate your mood with our Polar Cold Plunge Tub manufactured in Canada by Leisurecraft. Choose from a 304 Stainless Steel or White HDPE Plastic Interior and comes with a white cedar exterior. This is your quality solution for cold plunge therapy with or without a sauna. The total outside measurement is 71″x33″x25″ High with angled sides for easy in and out access and holds 190 gallons (720 litres) of water.


White Cedar

Locally sourced white cedar skirt to match your Canadian Timber Sauna.

304 Stainless Steel

Made in Canada welded stainless steel shell for a long last cold plunge tub.

Easy to Drain

Easy to use floor drain to re-use the water with the garden hose connector.

Easy to Move

Lightweight and sturdy this tub is easy to re locate.


Roll Up Cover

Use to operate roll up cover to keep the warm clean until next use.

Cold Plunge Chiller



Monitor the temperature of your with this floating thermometer.


Keep the water clean from debris with this pool skimmer.