Plan a Romantic Hot Tub Date Night

Plan a Romantic Hot Tub Date Night

Plan a romantic hot tub date night experience

romantic hot tub date night

Some of the best romantic dates start well before the candles are ever lit. Let the anticipation build throughout the day and by the time you are finally together you are both ready for romance and a deep connection. To make your romantic date special, consider a romantic soak in the hot tub together. Here are some tips and ideas to help you plan a truly romantic experience.

Preparing for your romantic encounter

First you should decide if you want to plan this date night on your own or in collaboration with your loved one. Small details go a long way toward making your night special and memorable. By using the hot tub as the central attraction to your evening, it makes planning the evening simple. Especially when you focus on inspiring all the senses.

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Set the Tone

Build up the anticipation for your date. It can be fun to let your partner know early on that they should look forward to a relaxing and romantic evening. You could give them a note asking them to meet you out in the yard once work is done, or you could send a few texts during the day with hints about what is to come.  Or you could keep the entire thing a secret until the time comes.

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Create an intimate and comfortable space

Think about what would make the hot tub experience more romantic and comfortable. Things like plush robes that are ready along with slippers to walk to and from the hot tub. Rose petals would look beautiful spread along the path to the hot tub. Make sure you have extra towels on hand. And this is very important. Leave the cell phones far away and on silent mode during your romantic spa date night. This special night is about you. Be in the moment and devote your attention completely to each other.

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Appeal to the senses

To appeal to the sense of sight, think about the after-hours lighting that would help to set the mood.  Perhaps you could time your soak to watch the sunset, with the beautiful colors. Or you could plan to begin after dark where everything is light by moonlight and candles placed on tables nearby. If your hot tub has adjustable lighting features, you could adjust the lighting in and around your spa.  Another activity to appeal to your sense of sight would be star gazing together in the warmth and relaxing waters of your hot tub.

You can appeal to the sense of smell with some hot tub aromatherapy. Now it’s never a good idea to put essential oils or other scents directly into the tub water, but there are aromatherapy products specifically designed to work with your spa’s water quality system.  Flowers can also be enjoyable to your olfactory system. Choose some fragrant varieties of flowers and candles to place nearby.

For an auditory effect, you could be surrounded in silence to easily allow for soft conversation, or maybe you would rather have music playing to set the mood. Create a playlist of romantic music.  Make sure to include any songs with special meaning.

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On to taste. Plan for light fare before and during your soak and wait to have a bigger meal later in the evening. Fruit with a high water content like strawberries, grapes or melons would be refreshing to eat while relaxing the hot water. Easy to eat appetizers and mini desserts could also be a good option.  If you will be enjoying alcoholic beverages during your soak, remember that hot tubs can increase the dehydrating effects of alcohol. And make sure to leave the fancy glassware outside your tub. Only use glasses that are made of an unbreakable material like plastic or acrylic.

So take some time and plan an amazing and romantic hot tub experience for date night. It will be a date night you won’t soon forget.