5 Spring into Summer Hot Tub Party Ideas

hot tub party ideas and games you can play in the hot tub group party

5 Spring into Summer Hot Tub Party Ideas

Hot tub party ideas.

With spring among us and summer approaching these are the most enjoyable times of the year with plenty of sun and outdoor activities. With longer evenings and warm weather, we’re more than ready to get outside after a long winter indoors. Nothing beats bringing everyone together for some good food and fun, so why not host a hot tub party? The perfect place for sharing laughs, enjoying the company, and having fun, makes the hot tub the centerpiece of the summer. Here are 5 ideas to help you host the perfect summer hot tub party.

Themed party

Themed parties are the perfect way to make your hot tub party unforgettable. With so many different themes out there, picking a theme helps provide a framework for all your party activities. You can decide how much of the party you want as part of the theme. You can have themed invites, food, and decorations or have guests come dressed in costume. Ideas include a beach party, Hawaiian luau, glow-in-the-dark, hot tub cinema, or sports theme.

Party food and drinks

No party is complete without food and drinks! When it comes to choosing what food to serve, consider less messy foods that guests can eat while in the hot tub like finger foods, small sandwiches, fruits and veggies, and meat and cheese trays. These can even be served to guests on a floating hot tub tray while they enjoy the spa. Another idea is to turn your party into a potluck and have guests bring something to share. Guests need to know they can become dehydrated by soaking in the tub, so be sure to keep a variety of refreshing beverages available, such as water, iced tea, and lemonade. If you have alcoholic drinks, recommend to guests that they are served after spending time in the hot tub because elevated temperatures change the way alcohol affects their body and can increase hangover symptoms. Provide guests with plastic cups for drinks to avoid any glass accidents near the hot tub.

Music and entertainment

Music is a great way to enhance any party atmosphere. Make a playlist and encourage guests to add their favorite songs, so everyone can have fun and enjoy the music! Use a waterproof sound system that allows you to control music through Bluetooth connectivity or you can use a waterproof floating speaker if you want to have your music close enough to hear in the hot tub while the massage jets are on. If you are having a sports-themed party you can set up a wireless tv for guests to watch games on from the comfort of your spa, or hot tub cinema night with a movie and popcorn.


You should have some nice mood lighting if you plan to party into the evening. Outdoor LED systems or floating spa lights create the perfect ambiance while making it easy to reach for your drink! LED lights can produce many colors and beautifully distribute light throughout your hot tub. You can also add strings of fairy lights or color projectors onto your home or trees for something simple and elegant, or rotating disco lights for an exciting party vibe.

Hot tub games 

Think about who you have included on your invite list when choosing games. If your hot tub party is for adults, you can include board games or poker with waterproof cards. If there are kids that will be attending, water games with squirt guns or water balloons are always a hit. Guests will take breaks from sitting in the hot tub so you can have lawn games on the side for all ages, such as horseshoes, corn hole, or bocce ball. Learn more about other hot tub games.

Make your next hot tub party a memorable one and most importantly, have fun!

We hope you enjoyed our 5 spring into summer hot tub party ideas to try.