4 of the Best Games You Can Play in Your Hot Tub with Friends

fun hot tub games - games to play in the hot tub

You already know that hot tubs are a great way to wind down and relax, but if you’re looking for a fun way to spend an afternoon or evening, why not try some games to play in your hot tub? Games can be a great way to keep friends entertained and are perfect for hot tubs because they don’t require much space. Here are three of the best games to play in your hot tub.

Pass the Bottle

If you don’t mind having others close around you, pass the bottle is a classic fun hot tub game and all that’s needed is a bottle of water.

Goal: Pass the bottle to the next person using other body parts besides your hands and make it around the hot tub.

Another rule is that you can’t pass the bottle using the same body part as the person that’s accepting it from you. For example, if you’re passing it to the next person with your armpit, that person can’t accept it using their armpit, but they could use their leg. The goal is to keep it going around as many times as possible without dropping it. If you are the one that drops it, the others can impose a penalty of their choosing, and then you must start over by using a different body part.

If this game ends up being too easy because everyone is very skilled with no trouble passing the bottle around, try adding some difficulty by removing the cap, and then it must be passed without spilling, or try using a frozen bottle of water!

Hot Tub Hockey

You will need a ping pong ball or something that floats like a rubber duckie.

Goal: Move the object to the opposing team’s side of the tub without using your hands.

Create two teams and start by placing your object in the middle of the tub, between you and your opponent. After saying “go” each team member will try to move the object to the opposing team’s wall to earn a point. This can be done by blowing on it, splashing, or creating waves. The first team to score three points is the winner.

For added fun, the winning team of each round can impose penalties of choice on the other team. This is your chance to get creative!


games you can play in the hot tub with friends

For this game, you will need two large plastic cups.

Goal: Every player must pour water into the floating cup without it sinking to the bottom of the hot tub.

First, the power of your hot tub jets needs to be turned down or shut off completely. Then place one of the cups in the middle of the tub so that it floats (a little water in the cup can be added to stabilize it). Take the second cup and fill it with water. With only using one hand, each person will take turns pouring water for two seconds into the floating cup. Whoever is the one pouring and causes the cup to sink to the bottom of the tub loses and suffers a penalty. After pouring your water into the cup, everyone must count four seconds before passing the cup to the next player and if the cup sinks during the four seconds, you lose.

Ping Pong Panic is a fun game to play in the hot tub.

For this game, you will need 10 ping pong balls.

Goal: to be the last person in the hot tub without getting touched by any ping pong balls.

First, begin with 5 ping pong balls. Drop them into the center of the tub and then get out away from the balls. You have to keep both of your feet in the hot tub at all times. If you get touched by a ball you have to sit out until there is only one person left. Continue to add two balls every 15 seconds until there is only 1 player left. They are the winner and the game starts back over.

Whether you’re looking for something competitive or just want to relax and enjoy some laughs, here are some games to play in your hot tub.

So, grab your favorite beverage and get ready to soak up the fun, and remember to always play safe and responsibly!

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