How to Bring your guests together with party-perfect hot tubs

Hot Tub Party

Bring your guests together with party-perfect hot tubs

Plan your hot tub party according to its size. Having enough space to spread out and enjoy each other’s company will be appreciated by family and friends.

You will need a spa that can comfortably seat all your friends, has plenty of jets so everyone can relax, and has a sleek and efficient design so the motor noise won’t disturb the conversation.

And we think it’s important to have some fun, too.

In addition to offering the hydrotherapy and relaxation your guests will love, you also have the option of adding entertainment features like colorful lighting and a sound system.

Here are some hot tub party tips and themes to get your party started

Keep these things in mind when planning a hot tub party.

  • Start the heater and pump before guests arrive.
  • Encourage guests to rinse off before getting into the tub. The water stays cleaner if guests rinse off.
  • Make sure you have extra towels on hand.
  • Be sure to stay hydrated. Drinks such as sparkling water, flavored lemonade, and iced tea can be enjoyed.
  • There should be no glass near the hot tub or on the hot tub deck. Broken glass is a safety hazard, and it’s best not to risk it. Drinks should be in plastic cups,

It’s not easy to choose a party theme for a hot tub party! CS Hot Tubs has compiled a list of the top hot tub party themes to help you:


The thought of sitting by the beach with family and friends is one of the most relaxing summer memories for most of us. We breathe in the fresh sea air as we relax. Why not transform your hot tub into a peaceful beachside retreat?

Prepare drinks, fruit, a beach ball or two, and don’t forget Hawaiian costumes and decorations. Just get the speakers ready and you’re almost there.

Now all you must do is invite your guests over for an unforgettable hot tub party this summer.


When you’re in the relaxing environment of your hot tub with guests you can play card games, board games, and even a few drinking games. Be sure to provide all the usuals, such as cheese, chips, and wine. Enjoy a night of board games and cards with your friends? Those of you with hot tubs can now take things a step further with a hot tub games night!

A game night in the hot tub is a fantastic way to spend your summer nights.


Decorate your hot tub for Halloween with creepy pumpkins, spooky LED lights, and some cool hot tub crystals to create the haunted atmosphere you want. Make sure you grab plenty of Halloween-themed goodies, such as sweets and cakes. The summertime hot tub party isn’t the only occasion for a hot tub party. The Halloween hot tub party is another of our favorite party themes.

To make your Halloween party the scariest ever, don’t neglect Halloween music!


You can set up your garden with games like Twister, giant Jenga, Connect 4, and Limbo to make it a kids’ paradise. Make sure everyone brings their children’s swim costumes and their own too… Offer drinks, appetizers, and perhaps even hold a barbecue. Are you planning a kids’ birthday party? It couldn’t be any easier if you have a hot tub!

The hot tub can be left open all day so parents and children can enjoy it at their leisure. The bonus for parents is that the hot tub, the garden party, and all the games are bound to tire the kids out… win-win!


It doesn’t matter if it’s your anniversary, birthday, or just because, creating a romantic and relaxing night in the hot tub will make it easy to escape modern technology distractions. You should light some candles, arrange some rose petals, and prepare a glass of bubbly so you can both enjoy time together under the stars. One of our favorites, finally, is a romantic evening for two. There’s no need to invite anyone else to this one!

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