7 Ways to Unwind in Your Hot Tub from Holiday Stress

unwind in your hot tub from holiday stress

7 Ways to Unwind in Your Hot Tub from Holiday Stress

7 Ways to Unwind in Your Hot Tub from Holiday Stress

The holidays can be a wonderful time to spend with friends and family, but they can also be stressful, and anxiety-inducing. Unfortunately, around this time of year, people are more likely to fall into poor habits, such as giving in to sugar cravings, excessive amounts of alcohol, or going caffeine crazy. When all you really need is a get-together with your hot tub.

When you feel overworked, don’t have enough leisure time to rest and unwind, or don’t have enough “quality time” to interact with family and friends, your stress builds up. During the holidays, these feelings can surely be amplified.

What are your options for coping? This holiday season, make time to use your Colorado Springs Hot Tub for more quality time, enhanced health, stress relief, and rejuvenation. Here are some simple suggestions to help you utilize your hot tub more frequently:

Romantic Date Night

Leave a letter for your loved one after work, suggesting one-to-one time in your hot tub! Light some candles, put on some mood music, and enjoy each other’s company in the solitude of your own backyard under the stars.

Quality Time with Family

Can’t seem to spend enough time together as a family between PTA meetings, baseball games, and ballet lessons? Set up a “meeting” in your hot tub— it’s the ideal location to reconnect and catch up on the day’s events. Children grow up far too quickly. Many Hot Tub owners claim that spending time with their teenagers while relaxing can open long-closed doors of conversation.

Star Gazing

Under the starlight, your outdoor hot tub provides the ideal front-row seat. This winter don’t spend a clear night inside the house when you could be outside gazing up at the stars. Get the Star Tracker app for your smartphone and learn about all the stars in the sky. To see what’s in the night sky week by week, check out the Stardate website.

Workout Therapy

An easy way to exercise your joints and muscles is to exercise in warm water. The buoyancy of the water allows body weight to be reduced by 90%, which relieves joint and muscular pressure (perfect for people with arthritis or fibromyalgia). In addition, the water provides enough resistance to strengthen your muscles.

Morning Soak

You can enjoy your soak experience in the morning with a hot cup of tea or coffee. 10 minutes at 102°F should give you an energy boost. The longer you stay in, the more relaxed you might feel, and the less likely you will be to get up and get out.

Winter mornings in the hot tub are often preferred by owners to ease gently into their daily schedule. After watching the birds and taking a short “nature break” before starting their busy days, they feel much better for the rest of the day.

Peace & Quiet Alone Time

A little time alone to think and regain your emotional equilibrium is the best antidote to holiday stress. Hot tubs offer the perfect place to relax, enjoy “doing nothing” and take a break from everyday life. Listen to the solace of the water and breathe in the fresh air to help relax your mind and calm your thoughts.

Celebrate the New Year and Unwind in Your Hot Tub

When the clock strikes midnight, where will you be? For Colorado Springs Hot Tub owners, the best place to be is in their own backyard hot tub. As you compose your new resolutions, cheers to the New Year by celebrating in your own comfortable backyard oasis.

Hopefully, you can implement one of these ideas to help unwind in your hot tub and get rid of holiday stress. In the meantime, check out these fun tips for throwing the perfect holiday hot tub party!