The Perfect Winter Holiday Hot Tub Party

Winter has arrived, bringing with it long, and chilly evenings. Why not celebrate the start of the season and beat the chill with a get-together of family and friends for the holidays? Offer food, drinks, and, of course, a dip in your Hot Tub to make your backyard a winter haven. Here are some innovative and fun winter holiday hot tub party ideas for this season:

Toasty Drinks

A bar stocked with warm drinks can help you beat the chill of a winter evening. Warm cocoa, tea, and coffee, as well as some stronger beverages, should be on hand. Serve your visitors a Kahlua hot chocolate or a Spanish hot coffee (prepared with coffee and Spanish bourbon).

Purchase a removable spa shelf for your guests so they can store their drinks and have easy access while relaxing in the hot tub.

Hot Snacks

Warm treats, such as pigs-in-a-blanket, pizza pieces, and s’mores are a great way to warm up on a cold winter night. Set out the materials for these cold-weather delicacies after lighting the fire pit and covering an outdoor table with a festive tablecloth. Use a food warmer if you have one to keep all the snacks freshly heated as well.

Provide Warmth

Blankets & Towels

Provide a basket full of blankets and towels to keep your guests warm and comfortable. Place the blankets on a towel warmer to warm them up before handing them out if you have one. When your group arrives in the hot tub, place the towels on the heater or in a safe spot so that you can all wrap up in something warm and dry when you exit the water. Make sure you’re ready by placing two towels for each person near the hot tub.

Hats & Robes

Head coverings such as a beanie or a hat also help keep your guest’s heads warm, while the hot tub keeps the rest of their body warm. Wearing a robe is essential for exiting your spa or hot tub and staying comfortable outside in the elements.

Lamps that heat up and bonfires are also excellent additions if you don’t have an outdoor fire pit.

Decorate the Atmosphere


Your trees are frequently barren in the winter. During the day, this may appear dismal, but bare branches are significantly easier to ornament with lights. String lights between the branches, either running them through individual trees or joining them. When the sun sets, you’ll be treated to a spectacular winter light show. White lights are pretty at night but opt for some different color lights since they can be easier on the eyes.


A snowy, winterized garden can be the ideal setting and backdrop for your celebration. Holiday lights and winter-themed decorations, such as cardboard snowmen or reindeer, will help to create a festive environment. Mistletoe, wreaths, hanging ornaments, string lights, miniature Christmas trees, nutcrackers, stockings, holiday advertising, and figurines are just a few other examples.

Set the Mood


Music has the power to transform a gathering so make sure to have a playlist ahead of time that you know your guests will enjoy. Whether you play some holiday music or something more upbeat, it’s nice to at least have some tunes playing in the background of your party.


Aromatherapy crystals are an excellent way to set the ambiance and ensure that the hot tub not only looks but also smells amazing! Just make sure that you’re using safe aromatherapy products for your hot tub. Consult with an expert at Colorado Springs Hot Tubs if you still have any questions.

Choose a Winter Holiday Hot Tub Party Theme

Holiday Costumes

Have your guests dress up in holiday attire and hand out small prizes for the best or funniest costumes of the night. Whether they want to be Santa, an elf, or Frosty the Snowman, encourage your guest to be creative and think outside the box.

Ugly Swimsuit Contest

Instead of the played out ugly sweater contest, why not throw a new variation into the mix and host an ugly swimsuit contest? Not only does this incentivize people to go into the hot tub, but it gives them a reason to be creative and funny. Award the winner of the ugliest swimsuit contest with a small gift to help motivate participants to join in on the fun.

And that’s a wrap for Colorado Springs Hot Tub’s tips for a successful winter holiday hot tub party! We wish you a nice and joyous holiday season!