2019 Outdoor Living Trends

Beautiful Colorado weather calls for more time spent outdoors. Since your backyard patio is an extension of your indoor living space, it should reflect the same sense of style and sophistication. As we start into summer and you transition from indoor to outdoor living, there are a few easy ways to ensure your backyard space is conducive to entertaining and a relaxing oasis.
From elegant outdoor furniture to soothing natural elements, consider these 2019 outdoor living trends to inspire your ultimate patio sanctuary.

1. Sophisticated furnishings

In order to help foster a luxurious oasis in your backyard, utilize patio furniture that showcases uniquely refined tastes. Choose seating with woven textures and lush pillows where you and your guests can unwind and enjoy. Patio bars and stylish tabletop fireplaces also add visual interest while providing function.

2. Dining Alfresco

With this beautiful weather comes the opportunity to enjoy more meals outside. This dining experience should be just as enjoyable as dining indoors, so you’ll want to choose a patio set that matches your personal style. It could be a round, square, or rectangular table with bronze, glass, or bamboo accents. There are plenty of options to satisfy any taste. Dinner parties offer the opportunity to add more detail with the addition of candles, lanterns, and stylish tableware to serve your guests.

intelligent use of spack in the backyard3.Intelligent use of space

Don’t be fooled into thinking there isn’t much that can be done in a small backyard. If your space is limited due to grass or greenery, consider laying pavers to increase the amount of usable area. Or, visually expand the space with a stylish outdoor area rug in a color or pattern that adds style and interest. There are plenty of smart decor options to enhance your space or trick the eye into seeing the area as considerably more spacious.

4. Be unique

One-of-a-kind handcrafted items will set your space apart from others. Whether you find a local craftsman or integrate antiques, the decorative or functional pieces you choose should act as a focal point to create visual interest and leave a lasting impression.

5. Complementary colors complimentary colors in the backyard

A refined and stylish outdoor space does not need to consist solely of clean, neutral colors. There are endless options to add interest to your outdoor oasis by including items in a sophisticated color palette. This could be with statement pillows, a painted chair, vibrant flowers and more. Color adds personality to any space regardless of style.

6. A spectacular garden

Beautiful gardens have persisted for centuries and with good reason. Any outdoor space can benefit from the sense of calm and serenity that a garden instills, and they can be designed completely to your liking. Try creating a stone pathway around a lush area of flowering bushes or incorporate a stone bench suitable for quiet meditation.

7. Hydrotherapeutic details

The therapeutic effect of water can extend beyond a hydromassage. Water not only can heal your body and mind but can also contribute to a sense of calm. By including a hot tub into your backyard space, you can turn your yard from hum drum to a relaxing oasis.

backyard hot tub is a relaxing oasis

We hope you enjoyed our 2019 outdoor living trends

From elegant outdoor furniture to soothing natural elements, consider these 2019 outdoor living trends to inspire your ultimate patio sanctuary.