How to Beat the Winter Blues Away

The winter season can sometimes be a difficult time for many people. The cloudy, dreary and cold weather can leave 1 in 4 Americans feeling fatigued, melancholy and even depressed. After the holiday season these feelings can sometimes become even more severe. But there is light at the end of the tunnel before spring begins, and activities that can help you make it through. Here is a list of 5 best ways to beat the winter blues!

Morning Sunlight

How to Beat the Winter Blues Away - Morning Sunlight


The leading cause of the winter blues is a decrease in sunlight exposure. Sunlight affects your body’s internal clock. As daylight hours decrease in winter, your internal clock gets thrown out of sync and can contribute to feelings of gloominess.  By getting at least 30 minutes of sunlight exposure in the mornings it can really help. Try bundling up and taking a morning break out in the fresh crisp air. You should start to notice improvements in your mood, which will carry throughout the rest of the day.

Treat Your Body to beat the winter blues

How to Beat the Winter Blues Away - Treat your body right


Foods that you eat have a great impact on your mood and energy. Processed and high carbohydrate foods like pasta, rice and bread can deplete your energy level and leave you feeling fatigued and down in the dumps.

Eating fresh fruit and veggies can be a lifting life line! Having these healthy food options provide your body with nutrients they need and help to stabilize your blood sugar. You can treat yourself to a fresh fruit smoothie instead of ice cream or better yet, have one for breakfast while you enjoy the morning sunlight! 

Soak in the Hot Tub


How to Beat the Winter Blues Away - Hottub

Hot tubs can make a huge difference for winter melancholy. Relaxing and warming up in comfort helps ease feelings of stress, fatigue and depression, as well as help with winter aches and pains. You can also couple your soaking routine with the use of hot tub aromatherapy fragrances that remind you of smells you love, like some Fresh Cut Flowers or Tropical Rain. Aromatherapy can help to elevate your mental state and can give you an even bigger after-soak mood booster.

Read a Good Book

How to Beat the Winter Blues Away - Reading a Good Book


You can explore new worlds and ideas by reading a good book , from the comfort of your own home! Books are like food for your mind and can make a great impact on your mood and feelings.

Pick a book or subject matter that interests you and excites you to dive in! Reading before bed is also a great way to calm your senses and allow you to drift to sleep most peacefully.

Beat the Winter Blues by Planning a Spring project

If you love to garden or enjoy doing spring and summer projects around your house, then there is no better time to plan for these projects than in the winter.

You can keep your spirits high with images of dahlias and plump tomatoes in your mind! 2017 seeds may now be available at most garden centers and nurseries across the US. Mapping out your garden and planning what produce you will grow this year is a great way to spend the last evenings of the winter season!How to Beat the Winter Blues Away - Project

Whatever the activity is that makes you happy, Pinterest is a great source for inspiration to help you get started! Sources: