Dimension One Spas New Dealer of the Year Award

Dimension One Spas New Dealer of the Year

Dimension One Spas New Dealer of the Year Award

Colorado Springs Hot Tubs is excited and honored to be recognized by Dimension One Spas with the Award of Excellence for New Dealer of the Year.

Dimension One Spas core values drive all D1 actions, decisions and plans so that dealers and customers can have the best experience possible. They behave in ways that are morally, ethically and professionally and leagally responsible.

They strive to be the industry leader in innovation and quality, constantly improving their products and services. And there is no I or they, only we, the Global Dimension One Family. Everyone is treated with mutual respect and understanding.

Dimension One Spas New Dealer of the Year Award

“I am pleased and honored to recieve this New Dealer of the Year Award from Dimension One Spas, a company that I admire and respect. Dusty and I have a combined 60+ years of experience in the industry. We strive to offer customers the luxury and reliability of top of the line hot tubs at affordable prices. Dimension One Spas fits that bill perfectly. They are a respectable company with core values that we are happy to be a part of.” – John Polk

As a friendly reminder, we have a new truckload of Dimension One Hot Tubs that are ready to go today. Which one will work the best for you?

Buying a quality hot tub is important. And not all hot tubs are created equal. We are picky abou that tubs that we carry and select our tubs from manufacturers that meet our strict energy efficience and quality standards. With Colorado Springs Hot Tubs you can rely on our excellent hot tub experience to help you find the hot tub that is right for you.