Enjoy your time at home – Transform your backyard into a luxury oasis

Enjoy your time at home - Transform your backyard into a luxury oasis

Enjoying your time at home with a luxury oasis.

Times are changing and at Colorado Springs Hot tubs, we care about our customers. We understand that with travel restrictions and schools being cancelled, most everyone is being forced to spend a great deal of time at home.

People are concerned about being in public or crowds. They are more worried about where to purchase toilet paper with the shelves emptying out as soon as they get stocked.

Ways we can help you

Luxury Oasis

What we can do is to help transform your backyard into a luxury oasis. We may be stuck at home for a while now. Let us help you to enjoy your time there.

This is an excellent opportunity to spend quality time with your family. What better way to do that then with your very own hot tub?

Huge Discount Sale

We are offering a huge sale on our hot tubs, from refurbished or blemished to brand new hot tubs. We have it all. And we want to offer a huge discount to you.

By bringing in our Dimension One Spas and Hot Tubs by the truckload instead of placing individual orders, we can pass on a substantial savings and offer some fantastic deals on the full range of our Colorado Springs Hot Tubs.

Included for Free

Not only are we offering you a huge savings, but we also include:


Safety to our customers

Visit us now and start enjoying your backyard oasis. Or if you would prefer, we also offer in home consultations. Call us today to schedule your consultation.

We are working very diligently on keeping our store sanitized to provide a safe environment.