Fall Hot Tub Preparation

Fall Hot Tub Preparation

Hot tub preparation in the fall is a simple process. As the weather gets cooler, that crisp autumn air combined with the warmth of your hot tub makes for an amazing relaxation experience.

This a perfect time to perform some simple maintenance on your hot tub. These are a few simple ideas to help keep your spa in top shape for relaxation and enjoyment all season.

Check Your Hot Tub Cover

Check your cover and make sure it’s in good shape. Is it time for a replacement? Your cover prevents leaves and debris from getting into the water and it keeps the heat inside the hot tub to conserve energy.

Keep Your Cover Clean

Make sure to remove debris and falling leaves from your hot tub cover. This helps prevent sagging and deterioration of your hot tub cover, so it lasts longer. It’s easy to make checking the cover part of your daily routine. Just take a quick walk around your hot tub and remove any dirt, leaves or snow from the cover.

Keep Your Cover Closed Properly

Make sure the hot tub cover is properly closed with a tight seal. When you keep your cover on your spa when it’s not in use, it enables your heater to regulate the temperature of the water more efficiently.

Check Water Temperature

The best part of enjoying your hot tub in the fall is soaking up the heat from the warm water while experiencing the crisp fall weather. You might want to increase the temperature to adjust to the lower temperatures outside.

Deep Clean your Hot Tub

Drain your hot tub and start fresh. Wipe down your hot tub shell with a rag and a gentle cleanser. Rinse out the shell to make sure the cleaning agent has been removed. Then refill your tub with fresh crystal clean water.

Now that your hot tub is prepared for fall, you can enjoy the beautiful weather from your beautiful Colorado Springs Hot Tub.