Top 5 Hosting Tips for a Fun Hot Tub Party

Top 5 Hosting Tips for a Fun Hot Tub Party

The greatest and most memorable parties always include hot tubs. After all, only a few things can beat soaking in warm water, with jets massaging your back, and being in the company of good friends and family and all at the same time! Maybe add a water game or two, and you’ll have yourself an evening of sincere good times that won’t be forgotten. So, let’s get started! Here are some top tips to help you plan your successful hot tub party.

Clean, Clean, and Clean!

Make sure to clean the tub and the surrounding area thoroughly before your guests arrive. Clear away any clutter or items you won’t be needing. A clean space will set the mood for an enjoyable evening for everyone attending. Make sure the hot tub water is clean, fresh and consider some hot tub water fragrance for a pleasing aroma. Rinse out all filters thoroughly, and be sure to scrub off any rings around the waterline. Nothing will ruin the mood faster than having guests get into a dirty hot tub.

Create Pleasant Ambiance

Create Pleasant Ambience

Every party needs to have music. If your hot tub is not equipped with a sound system, you can place a radio or iPod dock at a safe distance from the tub to keep the tunes playing. Keep the volume low enough so that your guests don’t have to yell to talk, but loud enough to still be able to hear the music. Play different kinds of music to appeal to all of your guests. This will help create a comfortable pleasant ambience that will relax your guests and get them into the party mood.

The Right Food for a Hot Tub Party

the right food for a hot tub party

Being in warm water acts as a natural appetite suppressant, so light appetizers and finger foods work best. They are more inexpensive, and sure to keep your party guests very happy.

Bring On The Cold Drinks!

bring on the cold drinks

Hot tubbing can make people very thirsty, so don’t forget to provide plenty of chilled non-alcoholic beverages. Your guests will appreciate cold drinks next to the tub. Lemonade and iced tea are great hot tubbing drinks, but save the alcoholic beverages for after hot tubbing. Alcohol and hot water do not mix. Your friends will thank you for this later. You will want to be safe by using plastic cups in and around the tub.

Play Fun Games

Last but not least, have some water games available. If you feel the party spirit start to die down, take out some waterproof playing cards or squirt guns! Games will keep your party guests entertained and having fun for hours.

With these great tips in mind, you can now start to plan your memorable fun party for you and your friends and family.