How to Work Out in the Hot Tub – Water Exercises and Supplies

How to Work Out in the Hot Tub – Water Exercises and Supplies

Here are some tips to learn how to work out in the hot tub. We include water exercises, aquatic weights, supplies and work out gear for water exercises.

Hot tub workout supplies to have on hand before you start your workout

Here are a few workout items to have on hand to keep you from spending time hopping in and out of the hot tub for supplies.

  • Water bottle. Even though you are in the water, exercising under heated conditions means that hydration is more important than usual. Drink plenty of water during and after your workout.
  • Weights. Waterproof weights enable resistance work to help tone your muscles. These range from underwater aquatic exercise dumbbells, active belts, aquatic cuffs, flotation belts, and many more.
  • Bluetooth speaker. A waterproof Bluetooth speaker allows you to set the mood for your workout with some energizing tunes.

Water exercises to work out in the hot tub

Stretch Your Muscles

The best way to begin and end any workout is with stretching. Hot tubs provide warmth and therapeutic jets that are helpful in relaxing tight muscles. Before you begin your hot tub workout routine, start with some gentle stretches to get your muscles ready. Stand in the middle of the hot tub and place one leg at a time on the seat of the tub, leaning forward for a hamstring stretch. Then pull your heel back towards your glutes to stretch your quads. Shrug your shoulders and alternate grasping each elbow behind your head to get your arms loose.

Cardio Warm-up

Just immersing yourself in the warm water will raise your heart rate. Then to get your blood pumping, walk slowly in place or within the perimeter of your hot tub. Gradually pick up the pace. You can even add in sets of jumping jacks for some fun.

Upper Body Weight Training

Stand in the center of the spa and put your palms on the outer edge of the shell. Then lean your body forward at an angle. Hold this modified “plank” for 30 seconds or raise and lower your taut body to perform underwater pushups. Even if you’ve never been able to perform a pushup on land, water’s buoyancy should help you achieve pushup success in water.

With the use of waterproof, push-ups and upper body weightlifting becomes possible. To perform water dumbbell push-ups Sit with your back against the side of the hot tub, (The water should be above your shoulders). Hold the weights firmly in front of you, at shoulder height then push the weights out from your chest in a “push-up motion”. The speed you perform this motion will affect the resistance and difficulty.

Biceps and triceps curls with waterproof weights. Practice your swim strokes in a stationary position to improve your form and achieve resistance training at the same time. For extra resistance, use waterproof wrist weights.

Lower Body Weight Training

Stand in the center of your hot tub, and squat backwards, until you’ve almost touched down on the hot tub’s seat. But don’t sit down—no cheating! Continue rising and squatting, in sets of 10, until the burn in your legs tells you they’ve had enough.

Strap on underwater ankle weights and sit down, letting the jet pound your back while you pedal your legs in a bicycling motion. Enjoy the most soothing weight training you’ve ever experienced while gently exercising joints and muscles.

Calf raises are also easy and effective. By standing in the middle of your hot tub and raising up onto your toes repeatedly, it will slim and tone your calves.

Cardio Intensive

Deep-water running provides a low-impact, cardio-intensive exercise. Run against the current of jets, pulling your knees up high towards your chest. Or run with your knees pointing downward and your heels coming up high, kicking your buttocks. For added intensity, run while holding water weights.

Mobility and Flexibility

Yoga is very easy to perform in a hottub. There is a whole new kind of yoga called, “hot tub yoga”. It involves stretching and holding poses to improve circulation, flexibility and mobility.

Cool Down after your Hot Tub Workout

Your cool down should repeat your warmup cardio and stretches, gradually slowing your pace until your heart rate returns to normal. Slowly walk in place or around the perimeter of your hot tub before you finish with stretching.

Stretch all the sore muscles you worked during your aquatic exercise routine and focus on areas of muscle tension.  Roll your shoulders and neck slowly until they feel relaxed. At the end of your workout routine, enjoy sitting back against the soothing jets and the well-deserved indulgence of hot tub hydrotherapy.

Exercise Caution Before Starting Water Exercises

If you’re recovering from injury, are pregnant, suffer from arthritis pain, or have high blood pressure, be sure to check with your doctor and get approval before you run your hot tub workout routine. Some exercises may need to be or lower the heat for your physical condition.