Owning an Airbnb with a Hot Tub

Why do I need an Airbnb with a hot tub

Why do you need an Airbnb with a Hot Tub

Why do you need an Airbnb with a hot tub? Most importantly it makes your Airbnb listing more competitive. It lets guests know that your space will be welcoming and relaxing. Especially if your guests include a day or two on the slopes, a hot tub will be greatly appreciated. This also puts your listing in front of more people. The more targeted search terms that match your listing’s information, the higher up your listing will appear. It also makes your listing more visually appealing. Having professional inviting photos of your hot tub will attract more tenants.

It certainly depends on what type of Airbnb listing you have and if you have the outdoor space to adequately accommodate a hot tub. But hot tubs are a huge selling point for a short-term rental. In most cases a hot tub is a luxury outdoor amenity. Frequently guests will mention it in their 5-star reviews. This can also help your listings stand out.

Some people think that hot tubs are too expensive and too difficult to maintain. But you can buy the best Airbnb hot tub at Colorado Springs Hot Tubs today!

Hot Tubs Keep Your Airbnb Competitive

There are many articles about Airbnbs that stand out with hot tubs. These locations with private hot tubs are highlighted in magazines, blog posts, travel guides and more. Travelers who enjoy the hot tub experience have to either become excessively clingy with a pal who owns one, or just wait until the next time they hit a hotel and fight over the jets with little kids wearing goggles.  But the better alternative is to find an Airbnb with their own private luxurious hot tub to relax or just spend some romantic time with their significant other.

What is the Best Hot Tub for your Airbnb?

2 – 4 People

You would only need a small hot tub for a listing like this. You could choose a Free flow hot tub. They are convenient because you have the option of plugging it into a standard outlet. Or you could choose from our Dimension One At Home Collection. All our hot tubs come with a heater, pump, Ozonator, steps, a fitted cover, cover lift, 2 lbs of dychlor and delivery within 50 miles of Colorado Springs Hot Tubs

Best Airbnb Hot Tub for 5 to 6 people

If your listing accommodates more than 4 people, you’ll want to consider getting a bigger hot tub that can fit everybody. We don’t want any of your guests feeling left out! The best Airbnb hot tub for 5 to 6 guests is the D1 Refection Collection.

The Luxury Option

The first two options offer a great value, but if your listing is high end luxury, you might want the best Airbnb hot tub with more features. For luxury or upscale Airbnb listings, we recommend the  Bay Collection by Dimension One. Indulge in the finest hot tubs from quality design to innovation and power. Experience the extraordinary with these tops of the line hot tubs.

Hot Tub Maintenance for Airbnb

All our hot tubs include the natural power of Ozone Oxidation. This way you and your guests can soak in gloriously clean, clear, hot water. Ozone oxidation can cut unwanted bacteria and other elements that cause hot tub water to be cloudy. It also kills bad smells with out all the harsh chemicals. These work even better than Saltwater Systems.

Update Your House Rules

You’ll want to make sure that you update your Airbnb house rules to include guidelines for the hot tub.  Specify how many people can go into the hot tub at once. Make sure to ask them to shower off before and after use. Advise guests not to leave their children unattended in or near the hot tub. Make sure you have proper locks on the cover so that children can’t open it themselves.

Remember to keep your house rules simple yet explicit. Specify the time of day that they can access the hot tub as well as any prohibited items in the hot tub area like food, drink, pets, or glass. It may be helpful to offer a cheat sheet on how the hot tub works, rules and what is expected, the number to call if there are issues etc.

Don’t Forget Towels

Make sure to include more towels when offering a hot tub experience with your Airbnb listing. You can never have enough towels and with a hot tub experience, your guests will appreciate robes and towels to dry off with.

Adding a hot tub to your Airbnb makes your Airbnb listing more competitive. It shows that your space is welcoming and relaxing. It also puts your listing in front of more people. And it makes your Airbnb listing more visually appealing with beautiful photos of your new Airbnb Hot Tub.