Spring Hot Tub Patio Decorating Ideas

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After a very long, cold winter, your patio may look barren and grey. Piles of dead leaves rustle in the corner, next to dead potted plants, a pile of firewood, and the old exercise bike that was moved out last fall. So we wanted to give you some exciting hot tub patio decorating ideas to create your own spa patio makeover.

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That patio would never win the cover of BHG, but after months of cold and neglect, it’s time to finally clean it up! To start, add some life, try a mix of tall potted plants and ornamental grasses. The large boring wall is crying for some outdoor art, and coat hooks for robes and towels.

Nothing brings clean like a power washer, and to be honest, they can be fun to use! The hardest part will be moving everything out of the way and sweeping everything up before you begin to wash. If your patio has a low spot, start there first, as water will begin to puddle there later, or you can use a push broom to keep the dirty water from standing. Don’t use any detergent, as things can get too sudsy real fast, just use good old plain water. If you don’t own a pressure washer, you can rent one for the day at your local hardware store.  The average rental cost is around $80/day. You can also try talking a neighbor into going in on it for half to save some money!

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Look at the surfaces of your patio, you have a floor surface, probably at least one wall surface, and possibly some sort of ceiling. Changing just one of those surfaces with a new surface material, can really change and add to the entire look.

If you have a wall, you could add paneling or other texture on the bottom half of the wall. You can add another wall, if you want more privacy or create a wind block around the hot tub.

For the ceiling, imagine it with colorful fabrics or soft lighting, or if you have no ceiling, consider adding an affordable pergola structure, or inexpensive harem tent!

On the floor surface, you can add color to your patio by painting bare concrete any variety of earth tones, or if you have stamped concrete or kool deck finish, rejuvenate it with a new sealer coating. Adding elements of wood and stone look wonderful around a spa and is affordable if you have a little budget to spend.

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That’s what really brings a patio to life! You can purchase hanging plants, herbs and tropical plants, and bring out some of your house plants that have spent the winter inside. You can also use some fake greenery around the spa. A few fake plants and climbing vines can be placed strategically among live plants to help fill in any bare spots. Plants can help to create a ‘tropical spa’ motif.

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Patio lighting is usually basic when they build a house, maybe a dull 60w bulb in a glass and brass wall sconce. Boring. Rope lighting is a cheap way to add a beautiful soft glow around or above your spa. There are numerous unique lighting features that can be added around the hot tub, or further out into the backyard, to gift depth to your view. Candles also offer a nice ambience around the spa, if you really want to set a mood, or tiki torches can be used for a more festive atmosphere.

Springs Hot Tub Patio Decorating Ideas to Create Your Own Spa Patio Makeover!