Top Backyard Hot Tub and Spa Trends for 2022

top backyard hot tub and spa trends

Top Backyard Hot Tub and Spa Trends for 2022

Your backyard no longer has to be just a place for your dog or kids to run and play! Learn about the top backyard hot tub and spa trends.

Using your backyard as your space for relaxation and entertainment is more common now than ever before. Homeowners are always looking for great new ideas to revamp and modernize their backyard paradise. From water fountains to beautiful gardens, there are many ways to make the most out of your outdoor space.

With just a little bit of effort, you can kick up the comfort and appeal of your backyard and transform it into a stylish space for leisure and entertainment. Here are a few of our top picks of backyard pool and spa trends for 2022!

Invest in your own swim spa or hot tub


Have you been longing to have your own backyard pool, but been thrown off by the amount of space that is required? You certainly wouldn’t want your backyard space to be consumed by a full-sized swimming pool, especially if space is limited. but a hot tub or swim spa is a great alternative that offers the same amazing benefits but at less than half of the size!

A swim spa is a wonderful mélange of a swimming pool and a hot tub. Installing a swim spa allows you to get all the exercise you need year-round within the comfort of your own home and gives you a place to wind down after your busy day. If your budget is more on the modest side, consider choosing an affordable hot tub that will also provide you with countless health benefits.

For smaller backyards where space is limited, we offer a wide range of high-quality, two-person hot tubs.

Swim-up bars are in 

swim up bars are in

Swim-up bars are no longer just a luxury resort amenity. Many homeowners are looking to stylish up their pool areas with affordable swim-up bar ideas. If you like to entertain in your backyard and throw great backyard parties, consider adding a swim-up bar for ultimate fun and enjoyment for your guests. Swim-up bars are super convenient and can add a lot to the overall appeal of your backyard, and also to the value of your home!

Greenery is a Must Have


Green spaces are a must-have for environmental sustainability and for your health. They can help improve the air quality and add to the visual charm of your surroundings. Greenery can also help reduce stress and create a better sense of well-being. Even doctors have started recommending nature walks as a solution to many physical ailments and mental health issues. Therefore, the importance of having greenery in your backyard cannot be emphasized enough.

Even though Colorado Springs is extremely prone to drought. That green can make such a difference.

From flower gardens that have greenery and flowers planted directly into the ground, to trees and potted plants that can be used throughout the backyard, there are so many options and styles available to choose from!

Start your planning this spring, so once the ground thaws you will be ready to go.

Colorado Springs Hot Tubs and Spas

This year in 2022, make your backyard more than just any backyard. With many technological advancements and new products on the market, there is never a shortage of different available options. Figure out what makes you happy, and feel good, and customize your personal space to fit your own style and taste.

If you are looking to get a backyard hot tub, contact Colorado Springs Hot Tubs for guidance on hot tubs, Dimension One spas, and other accessories.

We hope you enjoyed our top backyard hot tub and spa trends.

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