Hot Tub Delivery in Winter?

hot tub delivery in winter

The ground is blanketed in fresh snow, and the sun catches the ice-coated tree limbs. You glance outside and it’s a stunningly beautiful winter day. Almost perfect, to be precise; however, your new hot tub is the only thing missing.

The good news is that your shipment is on its way, and it should arrive before the season changes. Though you have some concerns regarding hot tub delivery throughout the winter months. Is it even possible to build a hot tub during the winter?

Can You Build A Hot Tub in Winter?

The simple answer is “yes”, as spas from Colorado Springs Hot Tubs can be provided all year long; moreover, your space must be prepared accordingly. The local shop experts at CSHT have the skills and experience to install your hot tub safely.

Before you book your hot tub delivery though, make sure that you speak with a licensed electrician as a 220-volt 50-amp connection is required for most Colorado Spring’s hot tubs.

Getting Ready for a Hot Tub in Your Backyard

It’s imperative to have your pad-site ready as soon as possible if you’re expecting a winter hot tub delivery.

Weather circumstances such as a deep freeze or heavy snowfall might make life difficult if you reside in a colder climate. It is possible that the contractor or landscape designer will be unable to break ground or pour concrete if it’s too cold.

A smooth, level surface is required for a hot tub to withstand its weight. Normally, you could go with a 6-inch-thick reinforced concrete pad.

To make winter delivery easier for everybody involved, make sure that the walkway is shoveled clear and that your patio is free of debris or other tripping hazards.

Delivery Day

Depending on the space, the delivery team may employ a dolly or a hot tub sled. If a crane is necessary for delivery, then the customer is responsible for making prior arrangements with a crane operator.

Here are a few things you can do to ensure that everything goes according to plan:

It’s critical to walk the delivery route and clear any potential obstructions. Remove any snow and salt the paths if your hot tub is being delivered along an icy walkway. Also make sure that the gates are in good functioning order and are not iced over.

The spa’s foundation must be clear, dry, and level at the time of install. It is preferred that all the snow or ice be removed before the delivery team’s arrival. If it’s still snowing during the time of delivery, then the customer can help brush off any accumulating snow while the team unloads the hot tub off the truck.

Plan Ahead For Delivery

Make plans with your electrician to be present during the delivery or soon thereafter, because the faster that they can connect it, the sooner that you can start filling the spa. It is recommended that all the electric work be done prior-to or during the time of install, so that CSHT can fill the water correctly and make sure everything runs smoothly. The customer is allowed to fill the tub themselves; however, there’s a certain technique to do so to avoid air pockets. A friendly reminder, to always consult your owner’s handbook for further information on filling your hot tub.

For those that live in areas with suspended sediments, it’s a good idea to use a pre-filter while refilling your hot tub. A pre-filter will remove suspended sediments and heavy metals from your source water, making it much easier to maintain the cleanliness of your hot tub. Most Colorado Springs residents don’t need to worry about this though.

The bottom line is, customers should not be afraid to have a hot tub delivered and installed in the winter months by the professionals at Colorado Springs Hot Tubs. If you’re still unsure about hot tub delivery in the winter, then please contact CSHT today!